Prove the Automaxion Technology in your application

If you would like to know if the automaxion mill can perform better than your current methods for your application, why not send us some samples so we can prove it to you. Call or email us first, of course. Here are some things to consider...

Pigment dispersion: inks and coatings

Let us show you how quickly and reproducibly multiple sample testing or optimision can be for :-

  • dispersant
  • pigment supplier
  • new formulations
  • quality assurance between pigment batches

Cocrystal screening

Challenge us with a system you are familiar with, or something new. Why not try:-

  • varying the stoichiometry for one cocrystal former
  • several cocrystal formers
  • various solvents (if any) for SDG or SAG
  • scale-up from mg to g scales

Crystal Morphology by Milling

Challenge us to mill your solids under various conditions:-

  • Time
  • Temperature
  • Intensity

Milling for Particle Size Reduction, Seed Crystals, Dispersion, Comminution etc.

  • Where material is limited (we can even mill at the 10's mg range, with no sample loss)
  • Where micronisation has failed
  • Where sub-micron particles are needed

If you have a material you want milled or dispersed, we can demonstrate:-DistriPlot

  • Dry milling
  • Wet milling with different solvents
  • Wet milling with different dispersants
  • Comminution
  • Scale-up potential
  • Milling under pressure

General Conditions

We can run several standard size vials at no charge including

  • Wheaton Glass Pressure vials with valve (34 mm diameter)
  • LC/GC vials (11.5 mm diameter), 1.5 to 2 ml
  • EPA vials (27.5 mm diameter), 20 to 30 ml
  • Other jars of 41 mm diameter, ~100 ml

If you would like us to run samples in your specific vial, we would charge to make the vial adapter. The maximum diameter of vial we can accomodate is aproximately 45 mm diameter. The number of vials is inversely proportional to their diameter.

Testing Automaxion Technology on a customers existing mill

If you have a suitable mill, we can supply vial adapters for the vials listed above for testing at your site. No modifications are required to your mill. The customer is responsible for shipping both too and from Automaxion (in France). There would be a nominal weekly charge and the customer is responsible for ensuring the adapters are returned in a  clean condition. Any repairs or cleaning required upon return will be charged to the customer.

Samples run at Automaxion's site

We can accomodate most requests and will run many tests for free especially if standard components and conditions are used. We prefer to work only with non-hazardous materials but where samples remain in the customer vials throughout the time at Automaxion (i.e. only filled and opened on the customers site), we may be able to run them. The customer is responsible for shipping both too and from Automaxion (in France)

For a large number of samples, a per-sample charge will apply.

Samples run at customers site

It is possible to run samples on the Automaxion system at the customers site, with or without an Automaxion representative being present. There is a nominal weekly charge (which may be waived for the first week) and the customer is responsible for ensuring the mill is returned in a pristine and clean condition. Any repairs or cleaning required upon return will be charged to the customer. The customer would be responsible for shipping to and from the customers site. If you would like the assistance of Automaxion on-site, please let us know.

To discuss how we can meet your needs, please contact us.

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