Many laboratories have developed diverse systems of software, equipment, methods and procedures over many years. These may not allow the best productivity in research. Automaxion's goal when analysing laboratory workflows, is to ensure the client mantains the quality of the data whilst suggesting ways to streamline workflows including, hardware (automated or non-automated), software, staffing, infrastructure, etc. If automation is recommended, this type of analysis helps ensure the client does not build-in existing inefficiencies.

Using experience gained through prior projects in, for example, crop protection formulation, cosmetic formulation, organic synthesis lab, Automaxion helps clients by:

  • Analysing client lab practices and recipe’s to determine opportunities for improvement and discover causes of bottlenecks
  • Assessing client objectives for technology including automation:- throughput, precision, safety, information space, etc.,
  • Advising as to where automation technology would best be applied to the clients work-flow(s) and where it would not
  • Optimising automation concepts based on client recipe’s
  • Estimating throughput of optimised concepts
  • Identifying custom vs. ‘common off the shelf’ solutions
  • Developing and prototyping custom solutions to unique problems
  • Assisting clients with setting up high-throughput laboratories
  • Estimating budget requirements for defined solutions
  • Exploiting Automaxion’s IP and ‘know how’ to benefit our clients
  • Providing technology where none previously existed

To read an article on our general approach to Formulation testing, click here

To read a patent where Dr Bysouth is included as inventor, assigned to Syngenta, vSyngenta Robotisit this link:

To read a press release about the Syngenta Formulation robot inaugerated by Princess Anne, visit this link:

To read a press release about the Akzo Nobel Formulation robot called PLATO, visit this link: and an article on the robot (in Dutch) in the company magazine:

If you would like to informally discuss how we would work to improve your lab with solutions ranging from more efficient manual lab procedures through simple robotic stations to complex integrated systems like those mentioned in the above links, please contact us.

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Now based in France, Dr Bysouth gained his extensive experience working in the UK, The United States and The Netherlands for universities, multinationals and start-ups. He started his own company, Automaxion, to make his independent and innovative approach to laboratory research more broadly available.

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