Are you buying the right equipment? Are you builing the laboratory in the right location? Do you have the right staff? Have you included all the stakeholders in the decision?

Are you making the right choices?

We help you to consider options consistently and assess their real benefit to you, both financial and non-financial.

We help you reach your decisions in a measured and auditable way... and quickly!

We help you to evaluate options consistently and assess their real benefit to your company both financial and non-financial.


  • Vendor Selection
  • Equipment Selection
  • Project Selection
  • Location Selection
  • Recruitment Selection
  • ...and many more

We can provide:

  • Fully Independent Evaluations where resources, time or skills are unavailable in-house.
  • Reviews or audits of existing evaluations to validate decisions.
  • Additional experienced members for evaluation teams for facilitation, support with process, data gathering, model building, analysis, report writing.
  • Off-line model building where we build the evaluation model for the Client to populate with scores and carry out their own analysis.
  • Training for client teams in problem structuring and creativity.

Our process allows decision makers to:

  • Obtain consensus and agreement in a nonconfrontational manner.
  • Take on board and manage stakeholder viewpoints.
  • Provide visible outputs to promote discussion.
  • Deliver to tight timescales at short notice saving costs to your business and, of course, valuable time.


Step 1 - Problem Structuring

We use a systematic process for structuring the problem. We consider aims, objectives and how success is defined. We also look at the problem from alternative perspectives and consider stakeholder viewpoints and objectives.

Step 2 - Idea Generation

We use a range of novel tools from our Creativity toolset to help generate ideas. Much more than random brainstorming, it is guaranteed to come up with more ideas than thought possible.

Step 3 Problem Solving

This step involves taking all the ideas generated and evaluating them. This includes gathering sufficient background information and evaluating the choices with the aid of unique Software.

Step 4 - Monitoring and Review

Once the decision is made and as the resulting project progresses, reviews are carried out to ensure continued validity and that the identified benefits are delivered.

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About Automaxion

Now based in France, Dr Bysouth gained his extensive experience working in the UK, The United States and The Netherlands for universities, multinationals and start-ups. He started his own company, Automaxion, to make his independent and innovative approach to laboratory research more broadly available.

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