Automaxion armoured pH probes

All in a 1/8” diameter probe. They are ideal for incorporating into multi-reactor systems. Glass electrode of 1/8” protected from breakage through reasonable force by a stainless steel sheath.

Date: 29/03/2018 (please contact us for more up-to-date information)

Part number
AX-420SS-N-0 pH electrode
Body Delrin (black)
Body diameter 7.6 mm
Body length 85 mm
Lead length 400 mm
Armour sheath 316 Stainless Steel
Sheath diameter 3.175 mm (0.125”)
Electrode length 420 mm (total)
Tip profile 45° needle cut
Minimum immersion depth 5 mm
Electrode material Glass
pH Range 0 - 14
Response time 5 to 15 seconds
Reference system 3M KCl and Ag-AgCl Integral reference junction
Temperature range (pH) -5 °C to 80 °C
Electrical Connection BNC*

Lead time (from receipt of PO)

Shipping and insurance (each shipment direct to you from US)

432 (excluding VAT/Duties)

4.5 weeks


*Contact us about electrical adapters suitable for these connections

pH Calibration

These electrodes are standardized in two pH buffers. Follow the procedure recommended by the manufacturer of your pH meter for calibrating your pH meter with our electrodes.

Optimum Response Time: Optimum response time will be obtained after the probe has been exercised in two buffer solutions. Place a pH 4.01 buffer or equivalent in a beaker and a pH 6.86 buffer or equivalent in a second beaker. Immerse the electrode in the pH 4.01 buffer allowing 15-20 seconds for equilibration. Rinse the electrode with distilled water and immerse in the pH 6.86 buffer in the same manner. Do this several times.


Although the electrode may appear to be indestructible, always handle the electrode with the same care you would use with other glass electrodes.


Clean the electrode well after each use. When using the electrodes in solutions containing protein, they should be rinsed with an enzyme cleaning solution such as Terg-a-zyme (Alconox, Inc.) or a glass cleaning solution after each use for a couple of minutes to remove the protein from the glass and reference junction. This will prolong the useful life of the electrodes.


Always clean the electrode before storing:

Long-term (over 2 weeks): Return the electrode to its original container and prepare it in the same condition in which you received it. Usually this means simply moistening the sponge located in the bottom of the protective glass tube with distilled water.

Short-term: The electrode can be left in an acid pH buffer solution, e.g. pH 4.01.

In addition, we can supply these probes with either a titanium sheath and incorporate temperature sensors. We can supply them to any reasonable length. Ideal for automation applications including ChemSpeed systems.

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