Automaxion's cocrystal screening system offers the fastest* way to combine API and cocrystal former to screen for cocrystals. If you are using slurry techniques, even with automation, you are missing the advanages of:

  • High hit rate- you are less likely to miss a cocrystal**
  • Up to 48 cocrystal grinds (Dry, SDG or LAG) at the same time
  • only uses 10's of mg of sample (has been used with just 4 mg)
  • No sample loss (API is available for further study)
  • Reproducible
  • No manual grinding
  • Vial adapters act as heat sinks that minimize sample heating
  • Samples processed in simple 2-mL GC/LC glass vials
  • Sample stays in vial for Raman analysis
  • No cleaning or cross contamination

*Based on client quote: we are waiting to be proven wrong!

**We found a previously unidentified cocrystal/form when we first used the system

Click here to read how Automaxion is working on further enhancing the use of the mill for cocrystal screening

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The system has been particularly useful where patents are being sought. You can search Google Patents using this link (Google Patents search "automaxion")  to find applications by, for example (these links may become outdated and patents progress):

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