Automaxion SARL (France) participated in a Framwork 7 funded coordination project as a partner: InForm- Integrating Nanomaterials in Formulations. Automaxion also continues to maintain the original project website which still contains some of the conference presentations and allows you to join and contact existing network members. Please visit

Automaxion is also seeking partners to cooperate on projects both inside the New EU 2020 programme or independently and is, for example, scoping projects ranging from the large such as remote (robotic) characterisation of nulcear waste facilities to the small, such as laboratory hand-held powder dispensing technology for 10's mg scale dispenses.

In addition, Automaxion's principal, Dr Bysouth, is registered as a 'subject expert' on the EU's list of project referees.

Our Clients


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About Automaxion

Now based in France, Dr Bysouth gained his extensive experience working in the UK, The United States and The Netherlands for universities, multinationals and start-ups. He started his own company, Automaxion, to make his independent and innovative approach to laboratory research more broadly available.

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