Read about our philosophy for testing variants in the formulation of pigment dispersions (click here).

Automaxion's Milling and Dispersion system is rapidly being adopted for small scale milling, mixing and small batch preparation for Ink and Pigments because of several advantages:3 vial adapter

  • Process samples in 32x30 ml vials or 16x100 ml plastic, 12x100ml glass vials
  • Or samples can be processed in your own vial
  • No mill to clean (so you can quickly run more samples)
  • No solvent evaporation
  • Automaxion's "No-Spill" design holds all the sample within the adapter should a vial leak
  • All the sample remains in a vial for the next process
  • Less waste, as you can further adjust a formulation
  • There is no cross contamination (if fresh vials are used)
  • Sample heating is lessened since the vial holders act as heat sinks
  • Milling to 0.1 mm (100 nm) is possible
  • Consistent performance over time since there are no permanent processing parts to wear*
  • Programmable milling and adapters help reduce sample heating

*Only disposable components contact the sample 


One application is the development of ink concentrates where it allows multiple small samples to be rapidly prepared, and for coatings systems for pigment quality control, rapid preparation of small batches for trouble shooting production, formulation development, colour matching etc.

It is also used in the quality control and testing of pigments in nail varnish formulation and coatings

If you would like to receive information including stability (viscosity) data for a concentrated Pigment Dispersion for Ink prepared using the Automaxion system at the 10 ml scale and compared to a standard laboratory recirculating bead mill, then click here to contact us.

Viscosity Comparison

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