Use the system for deagglommeration, milling, mixing and  incipient wetness* with several advantages:Catalyst Vail Holders

  • You can process samples in 48x2 ml vials, 32x30 ml vials or 16x100 ml vials
  • Samples are processed in your own vial (or in what we suggest)
  • There is nothing in the mill to clean (so you can quickly run more samples)
  • All the sample remains in a vial for the next process
  • There is no cross contamination (if fresh vials are used)
  • Sample heating is lessened since the vial holders act as heat sinks
  • You can process in a pressure vessel


    *Apart from deagglommeration, milling and mixing, the system may be useful for incipient wetness work though this would have to be tested, as any liquid would be very well distributed into the solid by the vigorous shaking.

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